Friday, 15 January 2010

Mmmmm, this blog might change into a different kind of blog...

Friday, 8 January 2010


Christmas Night Out...

You have no idea how much wine we had consumed....

Monday, 4 January 2010

I was 35 yesterday. meh. I feel old today and look it! Getting up for school after the holiday was really hard, thought I might sneak a nap in this morning but no, my neighbours opposite decided today would be a good day to take down their front wall. with a sledgehammer. brick by brick. slowly. It was like water torture, all you could do was wait for the next thump. I decided that if I had a headache and felt grumpy I might as well just plough on with things that needed doing, so I have washed up, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned out the dishwasher and put a fresh load on, put washing in the machine twice, shampooed the dog and trimmed his face, shampooed the lounge carpet, fed the chickens - no eggs, they are not like this cold weather and I'm not enjoying trying to get the ice out of their bowls each morning, poor things are so thirsty by the morning.

Jon is taking me to dinner tomorrow night at the best restaurant in town, it wasnt open on my birthday and we are having dinner at my mums tonight, also on Tuesday we will have been together 7 months! Its gone so quick! Some bits of the relationship are so easy, we laugh and talk so much in in many ways we are incredibly similar, yet in others poles apart. We do want to live together but I'm aware that he sees it as us moving in with him as he will take financial responsibility for us and sees it as his house even though it will be our home where as I see him as joining our family, I worry we both expect the other to change, we both joke about it but it does worry me. We're both set in our ways, him because he has never lived the family/kids lifestyle and me because I've lived that lifestyle all of my adult life!


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