Monday, 30 November 2009

Me as Mother Christmas!

It was great and better than it looks in the photos, weirdly enough I'm not big on Christmas but I love doing this each year, the kids are really into it and the dad we used this year to be santa was brillient, couldnt have done it better! We asked the parents when they booked tickets what their kids were into so Santa could be 'in the know', santa forgot at one point when asking what one little boy liked, so I suggested he liked GoGo toys, I had my sheet in my hand, his head spun round and glared at me in disbelief "How did you know?" he demanded angrily. Instead of amazing him with Santas incredible powers of knowing all the children of the world, he just think its all a conspiracy, ho hum...!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Hi guys, sunday night, been a lovely weekend, Jon and I tried to make a lemon cake today, dont think we beat it enough as it sank but it still tasted amazing! Saw UP, omg, I cried three times! Got Judes hair cut but he looks a lot like Julie Andrews in the sound of music unless we gel it...

Have the school fayre this saturday, I'm playjing mother christmas again, must go and get my costume prepared, promise to provide pictures!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

huh, where did my post about friday go?

ok, Jons ex kicked off about us going to her nieces birthday party, Jon is their God parent and Jon, Jude and I were invited. She decided for various reasons that we shouldnt come, one being that her new boyfriend of two weeks wouldnt like it! Jon always wants to please people and I guess after 10 years of saying yes to her or her stropping, he did at first until I pointed out a list of reasons why it was out of order for her to even ask. A long 'discussion' then went on by email and text as I was too angry to speak to him, he also was in contact with her about the weekend, it was at the point that she refered to my son as 'your girlfriend and her kid' that I lost the plot, say what you like but dont bring my children into it. Theres a lot that was said, a lot she lied about but at the end of the day we stood our ground, stayed polite and calm and the party went without upset. I've always been respectful about her but now the gloves are off.
oh you guys...! I didnt know anyone was reading!

well, Jon and I got over the weekend, I'm not going to go into all the details but it made us stronger and the party went well, thats all thats needed I guess?

I'm sat here off my head on painkillers as I put my neck out making a sandwich, yup, a sandwich, hardly a high risk activity but it just went into spasm as I buttered the bread, still hurts but with the amount of tablets I took an hour ago, I just dont caaaaaarrrrrreeee! I'm off for a lie down...

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The End

I'm not going to blog anymore.

I will certainly continue to read all my favourite blogs but I'm just too busy with my life to write anymore, I dont have the patience to write anything good! Jon and I have been together 5 months and are planning our future together, we want a baby together and with two kids, a dog and a cat, 3 rabbits, chickens and his two cats we're going to be busy! If I start blogging again I'll be in touch but for now its thankyou and goodbye x


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