Sunday, 31 May 2009

Weathers still good here so we took the dogs out for a very long walk, Dumpling pedalled his go-kart, his legs are going to ache in the morning! The teenagers, my daughter and sister went to the fair, £5 gets you and armband for unlimited rides for 2 hours, considering each ride is £2.50 each its an amazing deal. I did the same for Dumpling a few days ago when his nanna visited, he only likes the small rides both its so worth it!

Friday, 29 May 2009

I'm a hopeless blogger, I dont have the patience to write posts even though my thought processes read like blog posts! In reality it just an easy way of keeping a blog roll! I find it hard to concentrate when this house is always so busy, dog barking, love bird tweeting ( I just got out of my chair and checked on said bird as he was so quiet and its ok, he has his head tucked under his wing and his fast asleep) the kids with their never ending "mu-um". Its family life but I still feel I never get anything done to completion, maybe I'd be bored if I did?

But the weather is nice here, we've done lots of fun stuff but I'm really low on funds, I had to walk into town today to pay some money in the bank and beg that they didnt charge me for going a few pounds over my overdraft. I then got home and checked my balance online and realsied that it still wasnt going to be enough to cover what comes out this weekend, I've 'accidently' cancelled a direct debit and will ring the company on Tuesday and apologise, and set it up again. I just cant make my money last all week, I keep cutting down and down and still we're struggling, too much week left at the end of the money!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Busy bank holiday weekend, been out every day. Rugby festival on Saturday, I know nothing about rugby but didnt really matter as watching fit hunky men run about in tight shorts was great fun!

Sunday was spent at the beach, bit too busy for my liking, to many groups of blokes drinking and playing noisy ball games, plus fact that the skinny girls made me feel lumpy, how did they get so brown this early in the year?

And today we went to a dog derby at the large park in town, nemo was adorably hopeless, where as my mums three legged dog did very well!

Thursday, 14 May 2009


I need one of these!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

On the mend

None of the worst case scenario symptoms or problems have arisen and Lolly is staying awake for longer, eating more and looking more herself, she even washed her hair and put on make up today. We went to the shops, I borrowed a wheel chair from a friend who has ME, Lolly wouldn't ride in it but it was good to know it was there if she needed it, in fact its probably what kept her going. But she came home, went straight to bed and is sound asleep. She wants to do the last few days of her work experience placement next week and although she is feeling better, I don't think she will be able to physically do it.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Chloes very poorly, we had another set of blood tests at the hospital today that were urgently rushed through, full scale glandular fever, liver problems and her bloods not clotting properly. She started having nosebleeds last night which was the first sign that there are complications. She will very probably get jaundice and if she starts to bruise or nose bleed again I have to rush her to hospital. We're seeing the Doctor first thing in the morning if she isnt already in hospital to see where we go from here. Chloes not really aware of whats going on as she is so ill and 'out of it'.

Monday, 4 May 2009

I've have never seen anyone suffer from chronic fatigue and exhaustion before, always thought it was people who were run down and tired and more lacking in enthusiasm than energy. Lolly is over the major illness part, her temp is down and she is on the road to recovery but its difficult to see her struggle to do the most basic things, she cant stand long enough to shower and wash her hair, she takes minutes just to walk downstairs, even lifting her arms to eat is a struggle. I'm hoping to hire a motorised wheelchair tomorrow to take her out for a few hours, I can see this developing into depression if I dont encourage her. I'm sure she will recover fully given time and rest but we're looking at weeks or months rather than days. I've never known anyone have glandular fever before but she is a text book case from what I've been reading on the web. She was due to start work experience on the farm tomorrow, maybe they will let her work there at the next school holiday if she is strong enough.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Lolly...ambulance...4 hours in hospital...wouldnt admit her to ward...wouldnt let us go home...had to ask for even a chair for me to sit down...blood tests...glandular fever & tonsilitus...expensive taxi home at 4am...too tired to function...going to bed


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