Wednesday, 29 August 2007

It arrived!

Is it wrong to love my new camera so much? It was a near sexual experience when I saw how big the LCD screen was...

Thursday, 23 August 2007


I guess I should explain! This is what happens when you have a 9lb5oz baby, put on some weight, lose it and then develop IBS, a gut! It does look better if I stand up straighter, suck it in and put my shoulders back, but I often forget and this is what people see, this is why the rumours start but they forget one little detail that would be necessary....

This pictures are for the benefit of Redneckmommy

Big girls, you are beautiful

I just love this song! Makes me dance so much that I wont put it on my mp3 player!

a hard days work....

When you have spent the day helping mum pick up all the apples.....
(note the t-shirt)

Put a toy truck to good use....

Fed the chickens...

Played guitar with the broom...

Played with the puppy...

Then I guess you really deserve a nap in the sunshine!

Thanks for your help Dumpling x

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

This will probably be a short post as I seem to have lost the will to blog during the holidays, my brain is exhausted from trying to keep two very different children entertained and out of trouble! The sibling rivalry has reached an all time high this summer, they both think the other gets more of my attention when all that really happens when they kick off is neither get any good attention, they just bear the brunt of my annoyance and anger, why cant they see that?

(Dumpling has just called from the sofa where he lays, unwashed and with a mouthful of apple, watching cartoons that it "smells around here" shall I break it to him that its a combination of the fact that he and the puppy need a bath?)


Went to a friends wedding on Sunday, was flattered to be invited as I don't get to see her as much as I would like. It was a no children affair, fair enough but it was made very clear that the invitation was for me and not me + 1, OK, but I didn't know anyone else at the wedding and had to tack myself on to a friendly looking group I met briefly before at a christening, cue lots of stilted conversations and forced smiles. It was a beautiful wedding, cant fault it, lots of lovely touches and lots of funny bits too, but although I'm glad I saw the actual wedding and was involved I think I should have just been invited to the evening do?


Weather is rubbish here, rain and high winds, the wind actually kept me up last night (weather, not my tummy) supposed to be better for the bank holiday this weekend, I hope so, I live a short bus ride from one of the most famous beaches in this country and haven't been there yet this summer! But at least all this rain means we will have a grape crop in the garden this year, first time in 3 years they haven't dried out.


I'm thinking about buying a new camera, mine is OK, but a bit basic, I want something more advanced, have been researching reviews online and I think I want a Fuji S5700, anyone else have one, what do you think?


He's right, there is a funny smell, I'm going to find out what it is, will report back later.....

Thursday, 16 August 2007

ok, ok I know I should blog more often but I'm feeling a little bleaughh. Have had a bout of non specific IBS, not ill, just bloaty, painful cramps and when I need to go, I need to go, clear a path to the bathroom, do not disturb and light a scented candle afterwards! Its getting better and the dog has stopped passing out when I parp, but I think after this week there is a hole in the ozone layer just above my house!

Have had a few fun days out when its not raining, will put some pictures on in a while. Had to have serious words with the children about squabbling, it was getting me down and overly sensitive to it, one of them only had to say "muuuuuum" and I would lose the plot. Its not only me, another mother had to physically separate her children in the queue at the bank yesterday as one went for the other with the cry of "you're not the boss of me!"

Went speed dating for free again, they text me when they don't have enough women for the event and see if I want to go. had nothing else to do on a wet Tuesday night. I ticked 3 guys but the one I really liked, he ticked all my boxes for what I look for in a man, didn't tick me! I am really surprised and confused as I thought we hit it off and would definitely meet again?


Thursday, 9 August 2007

28 days later

28 days people, I thought I told you to warn me why I've turned into irritable super-bitch? Thumping headache and back pain, pain killers just made me sleep and then wake up even crabbier than before, I keep grinding my teeth in stress and a sure sign that I'm down and bothered is the repeating of thoughts in my head, just mundane stuff like I have to get some wax from the beauty suppliers but I can stop thinking about it, I've even written a long list of all the things that go round and round but still around my head they go, ever had days when you would like to leave yourself just for a few hours? I'm annoyed with myself for the way I feel and guilty that I feel so awful and distant to everyone.

But I'll be fine in a few days and you can listen to this all again next month!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Holiday at home

I am here and think of lots of things to blog about every day, but with the weather now being so good we are out and about each day, (mainly because being in the house with two sniping whiney children drives me crazy) I'm just too tired at the end of each sandy/leafy day to sit and blog properly, will tell you about our summer when it nexts rains!


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