Thursday, 16 August 2007

ok, ok I know I should blog more often but I'm feeling a little bleaughh. Have had a bout of non specific IBS, not ill, just bloaty, painful cramps and when I need to go, I need to go, clear a path to the bathroom, do not disturb and light a scented candle afterwards! Its getting better and the dog has stopped passing out when I parp, but I think after this week there is a hole in the ozone layer just above my house!

Have had a few fun days out when its not raining, will put some pictures on in a while. Had to have serious words with the children about squabbling, it was getting me down and overly sensitive to it, one of them only had to say "muuuuuum" and I would lose the plot. Its not only me, another mother had to physically separate her children in the queue at the bank yesterday as one went for the other with the cry of "you're not the boss of me!"

Went speed dating for free again, they text me when they don't have enough women for the event and see if I want to go. had nothing else to do on a wet Tuesday night. I ticked 3 guys but the one I really liked, he ticked all my boxes for what I look for in a man, didn't tick me! I am really surprised and confused as I thought we hit it off and would definitely meet again?



Bahrageous said...

Good graham crackers, but your children are GORGEOUS!!!

Maria said...

I think you should SO write a blog about speed dating! I have always wondered how that went, what exactly happened and just basically how it all ended up for people...

So, about it sometime, ok?

MaryP said...

"Parp". LOL What a great word for it!


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