Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sorry I'm barely blogging, Lolly is very ill with severe tonsilitus, Doctors have been visiting her at home which is unheard of at my GP surgery! She has pretty much slept a fevery sleep for three days now, I have to rouse her to take her meds and she drops back off whilst I'm taking to her!

The dogs been ill too but he responded quickly to his antibiotics! We lost a young chicken to the fox last night, the fox dug into the run, two other small chickens got out the gap and were running around the garden, he must have been happy with just one, not sure why he did come back for the easy prey?

Lots of PTA stuff going on, I'm always runnig around with my bright yellow badge, a clipboard and posters under my arm with a roll of tape in my pocket!

Weather is alterately pouring down with rain or bright blue skies and sunshine, great for the garden, not so good for the school runs?

I dont talk much about Lollys father on here but he has invited her (not Dumpling and I, just her) to join him and his family as a villa in Spain this summer. Totally torn as she would probably have a great time but I dont know how his extended family feel about me, I dont want them making Lolly uncomfortable and if she wasnt happy there, what could I do? My mum is horrified at the idea, she thinks he'll kidnap her and take her back to where he lives abroad, hardly, he's barely interested in her and his wife certainly wouldnt be up for raising a teenager!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Bleeuggh! Went out Friday night, nice to get out and see a few people but being drunk isnt as much fun as it used to be and I'm just left feeling so tired after eating junk food and drinking coke all weekend, I'd rather have gone camping all weekend, would have cost about the same!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Camping was wonderful, great site leading down by the river to the sea, fantastic views. The site was clean and friendly, excellent bus service running to the local towns, the weather was good to us despite the dreadful forecast, the supposed worst day of weather was the best, bluest skies and day long sunshine!

The tent needed a little patching but nothing that affected our stay, simple enough to put up, they make them simple these days, lots of colour coding for the poles, that helped! We could have done with a bigger table, I always find camping or the beach, you want to keep things off the ground and its not always easy. We borrowed my dads portapotti for middle of the night wee's! We went to the campsites toilets most of the time but nice to have the emergency backup, but emptying that thing is something I never want to do again!

The kids behaved pretty well, certainly a lot more than at home, the bickering started as soon as we got back and I missed the trip and without tv there wasnt so much to fight over! Considering the age gap it went pretty well, I'm looking forward to going again this year, hopefully for longer.

The best day was the last full day, the sun shone, we took the bus to the next town, walked down by the river the a little seaside town, took a boat ride, tried to catch crabs (not one!) and generally just chilled, when we got back later the the campsite the sun was setting, I could have stayed forever...

Friday, 10 April 2009

We're going camping! Three days in the not so wilderness, in fact its quite luxurious! We'll have one socket for electric supply in the tent, a little fridge, blow up beds etc, my dad makes hur-rumph noises at me when we pack his van with stuff as he's ex army and his version of camping involves much much less and all fits in a small back pack!

I'm really pleased at how little the holiday is costing us, the tent was a present from a friend who had no more use for it, the blow up beds we bought at a car boot sale as was the water carrier, you be amazed what you can get second hand if you try. the only expensive things I bought was the lead for the electric and that has an almost 100% resale rate.

Looking froward to getting away from the day to day stresses and really being a family, theres bugger all to do there and thats kind of the point, spending days making our own fun, climbing, walking, looking for shells and fossils.

Will update you with photos, possibly during the trip if we can pick up a wifi signal, shh, dont tell my dad we're taking the laptop...
Bloody bank didnt show my available balance correctly and I went 27p over drawn on a bank holiday. Had to find a friend who banked with the same bank to transfer some funds over, annoying and embarrassing.


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