Sunday, 19 April 2009

Camping was wonderful, great site leading down by the river to the sea, fantastic views. The site was clean and friendly, excellent bus service running to the local towns, the weather was good to us despite the dreadful forecast, the supposed worst day of weather was the best, bluest skies and day long sunshine!

The tent needed a little patching but nothing that affected our stay, simple enough to put up, they make them simple these days, lots of colour coding for the poles, that helped! We could have done with a bigger table, I always find camping or the beach, you want to keep things off the ground and its not always easy. We borrowed my dads portapotti for middle of the night wee's! We went to the campsites toilets most of the time but nice to have the emergency backup, but emptying that thing is something I never want to do again!

The kids behaved pretty well, certainly a lot more than at home, the bickering started as soon as we got back and I missed the trip and without tv there wasnt so much to fight over! Considering the age gap it went pretty well, I'm looking forward to going again this year, hopefully for longer.

The best day was the last full day, the sun shone, we took the bus to the next town, walked down by the river the a little seaside town, took a boat ride, tried to catch crabs (not one!) and generally just chilled, when we got back later the the campsite the sun was setting, I could have stayed forever...

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Maria said...

Oh. God. Camping. You are one brave woman. There is not enough money in the world to pay me to go camping.

I know. I know. I'm missing out. That's fine with me. You all go on without me. I'll just stay in my hotel and you can use the porta-potty.


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