Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sorry I'm barely blogging, Lolly is very ill with severe tonsilitus, Doctors have been visiting her at home which is unheard of at my GP surgery! She has pretty much slept a fevery sleep for three days now, I have to rouse her to take her meds and she drops back off whilst I'm taking to her!

The dogs been ill too but he responded quickly to his antibiotics! We lost a young chicken to the fox last night, the fox dug into the run, two other small chickens got out the gap and were running around the garden, he must have been happy with just one, not sure why he did come back for the easy prey?

Lots of PTA stuff going on, I'm always runnig around with my bright yellow badge, a clipboard and posters under my arm with a roll of tape in my pocket!

Weather is alterately pouring down with rain or bright blue skies and sunshine, great for the garden, not so good for the school runs?

I dont talk much about Lollys father on here but he has invited her (not Dumpling and I, just her) to join him and his family as a villa in Spain this summer. Totally torn as she would probably have a great time but I dont know how his extended family feel about me, I dont want them making Lolly uncomfortable and if she wasnt happy there, what could I do? My mum is horrified at the idea, she thinks he'll kidnap her and take her back to where he lives abroad, hardly, he's barely interested in her and his wife certainly wouldnt be up for raising a teenager!

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Maria said...

Ah...poor Lolly. So glad she has you, Jenny.

Get well soon!


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