Monday, 28 September 2009

writing to you from my sick bed, i staggered through the weekend, telling myself it was only a cold but i'm flat out with flu, even typing this is exhausting, be back when i'm better x

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Everyone I know is going down with flu and cold and sore throats, I feel awful but have no symptoms apart from nausea and extreme tiredness (no I'm not pregnant) I guess I'm fighting of all these germs, doesnt help that I was at a 3 hour PTA meeting last night, couldnt sleep when I got to bed, got anxious about not sleeping, felt ill becuase I was anxious and the vicious circle started, so on four and a half hours sleep and an inflamed rotator cuff I'm not in the best mood. I also rocked up at Jakes preschool with arms full of book bags and lunchboxes as the boys were riding their bikes and realised that I didnt bring the a very slow walk home with a two year old who stopped at every tree, flower, window to examine and talk about, cute as hell but I wont forget his buggy again!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Jon has a large group of friends and being an only child thats cool and I dont begrudge him them for a second, but I find it weird that they are still good friends with his ex. Jon and his ex seem to want to have nothing to do with each other and dont feel anything not even hate, they both moved on and of course I'm happy with that. But usually when people split up friends take one side or the other, they naturally stop seeing one of the people. I'm a private person, concerning me and my children and also my relationship with Jon, I also dont need any new friends nor would I be friends with Jons friends if we met under other circumstances, we have nothing in common. So I'm aware that its human nature to be curious and to gossip, I worry I'll offend Jons friends invitations to be in contact with them outside of seeing them with Jon, I'm very uncomfortable with the fact that they can tell his ex about me.

I do have issues with the similarity between me and his ex, Jon told me last night (we've talked about this at length) that his friends think I would get on well with her under different circumstances, not something I wanted to hear, I dont want to be thought of as like her, I value my individuality, I feel like a replacement for her, similar looking, fitting into his life, friends, hobbies in the space that she stepped out of.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

throat virus, no treatment, rest, fluids and plenty of fruit and veg, if his temp stays down he wants to go back to school tomorrow, I'm always torn between him missing school against him giving it to other kids although they say you've already spread the germs around by the time you're sick?

Dumpling looked pale Saturday morning, pale lips and a funny look round the eyes, bit grumpy and odd all day and the same Sunday. Been complaining of tummy ache and sore throat, especially if he sneezes or coughs and this morning he woke to find his shoulder and torso covered in a rash, we're off to the Doctors in a few minutes, I think its just a virus, lets hope I'm right!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

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Thats me and dumpling not the ex btw, I wouldnt post a photo of her on here although I have one on my pc, not that I need to look at it considering the image is forever burned onto my brain...

Monday, 14 September 2009

What would you do if you found out you bore a striking resemblance to your partners ex?

Friday, 11 September 2009

So tired I couldnt remember my passowrd for blogger...

Reasons why I am tired...

I slept in every morning in the school holidays, not late but later than I have to get up now.

I sometimes got the chance to have a sneaky nap if the kids were out or we were snuggled up watching a film.

The onslaught of PTA emails, texts and playground discussions has been huge and immediate, we raise the most money from now till Christmas and have a lot planned!

Dumplings birthday is next month, he already has everything, what do I buy him, bought one small present in the sale today, he already has something similar but he'll like this and so will Jon!

I'm having to re-let the annexe flat in my house and my perfect tenant had to move in with her ill gran. She has left in good condition, just need to clean windows etc but it does smell like cat despite me shampooing the carpets, have had the windows open everyday and used plenty of shake-n-vac type stuff. New couple are moving in, both student nurses with excellent refs, hope they are long term and we are not too noisy for them!

Probably more reasons, too tired to think of them! x

Monday, 7 September 2009

First Day Back At School

Lolly was up showered and away before I even opened my eyes, I have a vague memory of saying goodbye and questioning whether she had taken her freshly printed bus pass from the hallway shelf, but Dumpling and I got up a little later. We bathed and he got dressed in all new uniform, very cute, then by the time we got downstairs for breakfast his friend from across the road who I've offered to take to school each morning as I already pick him up each day was waiting at the door! He came in to play while we finished getting ready and then we set off, me carrying all the lunchboxes, PE kits, book bags etc while they whizzed along the pavement on their scooters. Dumpling was fine until we rounded the corner into the playground and then his face turned pale and he grabbed for my hand, first day back nerves had just struck. He took it well, I gave him a big hug and sent him in, told him I'd wait to make sure he went in OK, so mature, before now, going back in has been hard and we've had a few tears and had to gently peel him off me and pass him to his classes teaching assistant but this year he took it on the chin, its his last year and he's one of the oldest in the whole school now, it shows and I'm proud of him!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

wow its the first day of september, summer is over! We made the most of the bank holiday weekend, Jon and I went to a gig with friends on Friday night, shopping and lunch together on Saturday, friends party on the saturday, took dumpling swimming and water sliding on the sunday and a day festival in the town park yesterday. Jon going to work and me having children round to look after seems weird, surely we were on holiday forever?

Have done something really stupid, the children go back to school on monday 6th and I havnt bought a thing yet, and I dont have any money till Friday, so yes, on the weekend before schools go back here I'm going to try and find uniform and supplies...


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