Friday, 11 September 2009

So tired I couldnt remember my passowrd for blogger...

Reasons why I am tired...

I slept in every morning in the school holidays, not late but later than I have to get up now.

I sometimes got the chance to have a sneaky nap if the kids were out or we were snuggled up watching a film.

The onslaught of PTA emails, texts and playground discussions has been huge and immediate, we raise the most money from now till Christmas and have a lot planned!

Dumplings birthday is next month, he already has everything, what do I buy him, bought one small present in the sale today, he already has something similar but he'll like this and so will Jon!

I'm having to re-let the annexe flat in my house and my perfect tenant had to move in with her ill gran. She has left in good condition, just need to clean windows etc but it does smell like cat despite me shampooing the carpets, have had the windows open everyday and used plenty of shake-n-vac type stuff. New couple are moving in, both student nurses with excellent refs, hope they are long term and we are not too noisy for them!

Probably more reasons, too tired to think of them! x

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