Thursday, 17 September 2009

Jon has a large group of friends and being an only child thats cool and I dont begrudge him them for a second, but I find it weird that they are still good friends with his ex. Jon and his ex seem to want to have nothing to do with each other and dont feel anything not even hate, they both moved on and of course I'm happy with that. But usually when people split up friends take one side or the other, they naturally stop seeing one of the people. I'm a private person, concerning me and my children and also my relationship with Jon, I also dont need any new friends nor would I be friends with Jons friends if we met under other circumstances, we have nothing in common. So I'm aware that its human nature to be curious and to gossip, I worry I'll offend Jons friends invitations to be in contact with them outside of seeing them with Jon, I'm very uncomfortable with the fact that they can tell his ex about me.

I do have issues with the similarity between me and his ex, Jon told me last night (we've talked about this at length) that his friends think I would get on well with her under different circumstances, not something I wanted to hear, I dont want to be thought of as like her, I value my individuality, I feel like a replacement for her, similar looking, fitting into his life, friends, hobbies in the space that she stepped out of.

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Maria said...

It would be easier if she had been a total bitch, yes? It makes it harder when an ex is likable.


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