Thursday, 31 July 2008

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I've never lost my temper in public but today was close. I went to the little kodak machine in boots with my camera memory card and did a few photos, the screen comes up with the pin pass code and you have to go the counter, pay and then he does the pass code, I turned round in time to see some numb-nut, look at the screen, cock his head, shrug and press CANCEL! Despite the sign above the screen telling people not to do this! He wiped my entire paid for order! He didnt even apologise, I actually didnt dare speak and I couldnt trust myself, I had to redo the order, geeky bloke from counter says "its ok, we wont charge you" "I've already f****** paid, too right you wont" was all I could mutter at him as I tried not to glare and mr dimwit printing his pics on the other machine. Took me hours to calm down. They really need to change the machine so its not possible for someone to do that, you have to walk away from the machine to pay and get someone for the pass code, there shouldnt be an option to let just anyone wipe your entire order and then start theirs! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Friends have said they will come and feed my chickens while we are gone, they only need access to the garden, wont be coming in the house, so I've cleaned the office that can be seen from the large garden windows and washed the curtains for the french doors and cleaned the windows! The rest of the house will be a tip but at least the bits they can see will look good!
Conversations that require action...

Dumplings seven year old friend comes to play

"Cool, a kitten, whats his name?"


With a glint in his eye...

"Is he?"

Cue removal of said kitten!

A sight I didnt want to see...

If you ever buy a new shower head that is large and shiny and reflective, dont ever get it down from its holder to, umm, clean areas that are hard to reach and then catch your naked distorted reflection in the top of the shower head.....

Friday, 25 July 2008

I am here, I'm fine, just overworked with my kids off school and me looking after so many! The mums are appreciating my flexibilty unlike the nurserys here by tacking on extra hours so they can go to appointments, physio, solicitors etc so I'm working my but off plus overtime, the cash is nice but is dissapearing fast with my kids wanting to dovarious holiday activitys! We're going horse riding in wales next week too and I'm trying to borrow all the things we need rather than pay out so its a tent from my sister, jodphurs from freecycle, I keep adding things to the list I have and worrying that the parents of my toddlers will forget that I've told them away and to make other plans and turn up while I'm 200 miles away! We're taking the dog, the bantam hen and the three large chicks, hoping to get neighbour to feed and water the others, my mum and sister are coming to feed the chinchilla, the rabbits, the kitten and the fish! Maybe I should send the kids and I should stay here...?

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The fete went well, I was at the school from 9am till 6pm even though the fete ony officially ran from 2-4, it was fun but exhausting and I'm not sure if I'll stay on after next april and do it again, I'll see how the christmas fete goes!


I now have six children over the week and its killing me, although the most I ever have is 3 at a time, one of them is a baby so the logistics of just going to the nearby park are hard work. But staying at home with them all day is just as hard, they need to get out and so do I! I'm losing the battle of the house work big time, the amount of time and effort I spend just doesnt equate to how the house looks!


Lolly won an award at school and they are having an awards ceremony on thursday, looking forward to getting my smart clothes on and taking pics as a pround mum, only trouble is I dont look my age and get odd stares and comments as I'm the youngest mum by far there, not many mums who have their babys as teenagers get their daughters into such a good school. Last time I got told that six formers should go that way, now I dont think I look in my late teens but I get mistaken for 26/27 a lot when I'm really 33!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The puppy is going to send me to an early grave, he did the collar in the decking thing again today and I dont know how long he was stuck there but its the law here to have a tag on your dogs collar? Then he goes flying down the lounge chasing his tennis ball, tumbles and then cant get up again, we really thought he had dislocated his shoulder, the leg was floppy, he wouldnt put any weight on it and we couldnt feel the shoulder like we could on the other side, we rang the vets in a panic and told them we would be right there, I had visions of operations and casts and my credit card melting but by the time we had scrambled to put our shoes on and grab his documents, he limped out from under the table, gave it a little shake and trotted off into the garden! My head was thundering from adrenaline and stress, he must of just sprained it and then it felt better...

Monday, 7 July 2008

I broke my little finger today! I have a little purple puffy pinkie! I was enthusiastically mopping the floor and forgot I had pulled out a cabinet to sweep and mop behind and smashed my hand sideways into the cabinet! The pain and swelling were immediate, the nice purple shaped middle section has come later. Just what I need for a full week of childcare plus the PTA fete on Saturday that I’m the head of! arrrrggggghhh!


Lolly bought a really cool fish tank with her birthday money, a local shop that sells overstock was selling the entire kit, tank, pump, filter, chemicals and loads more for £50,we looked it up on the web and couldn't have bought it all separately for less that £150! All we need now is fish!


The kitten is great, doing all the things he should, pooping and peeing in litter box, no accidents at all, playing with all the cute toys I bought him and not fighting to hard when we pin him down to give him his worm medicine!


Bought a camera case from ebay specifically for my camera and a bog standard one arrived. It was very cheap so cant decide what to do about it, I’ll keep it and use it but I did want the one that fitted my camera exactly?


The passport agency rejected Lollys photo because they say her head is at an angle!!! It so isnt! I paid a fortune to get this photo done, specifically by a place that does passport photos!


The dog nearly died from stranglulation today after the tags on his collar went through the decking as he lay down and them twisted and jammed in the gap as he tried to get up. I feel awful for telling him to be quiet as he whimpered unable to move. I finally managed to undo the collar and let him free only to trap the bottom of my baggy jeans in the door as I closed it and fall to the floor and I tried to walk away!!! Perhaps we should just all go to bed to be on the safe side...

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Mouth of babes...

Erin and Ben,the three and four year olds that I look after, were stood today in my hall way as I packed their bags to go home. Stood with crossed arms and cocked heads the studied my washing hung on the airer.

"Are the pink monkey pants (knickers, not trousers, uk!) Lollys?" Erin called out to me

"huh? umm yes" I replied and carryed on making sure each child had theirs drinks bottle and sun cream packed. Erin turns to ben

"See, I told you the big pants were Jennys..."

3 kids from 9.10, they go home, at 2.45, pick up dumpling at 3, meet Lolly off bus at 3.50, another 2 kids get dropped off at 4 till the other parent can pick up, Lolly has dance lessons and dumpling is going to my mums so i can go to pta meeting! no time to blog, c u l8r! x


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