Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I've never lost my temper in public but today was close. I went to the little kodak machine in boots with my camera memory card and did a few photos, the screen comes up with the pin pass code and you have to go the counter, pay and then he does the pass code, I turned round in time to see some numb-nut, look at the screen, cock his head, shrug and press CANCEL! Despite the sign above the screen telling people not to do this! He wiped my entire paid for order! He didnt even apologise, I actually didnt dare speak and I couldnt trust myself, I had to redo the order, geeky bloke from counter says "its ok, we wont charge you" "I've already f****** paid, too right you wont" was all I could mutter at him as I tried not to glare and mr dimwit printing his pics on the other machine. Took me hours to calm down. They really need to change the machine so its not possible for someone to do that, you have to walk away from the machine to pay and get someone for the pass code, there shouldnt be an option to let just anyone wipe your entire order and then start theirs! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!


Maria said...

I think you should have bitch slapped him, Jenny. Seriously. He had it coming and he knew it.

Anonymous said...

i admire your self-control !


Malibu Stacey said...

You are indeed a paragon of self-control. How on earth did you bite your tongue? I would have gone BALLISTIC! The bloke's eardrums would have been dripping blood, as would the stupid staff who don't try to change the system.

Doesn't it make you wonder how some people manage to make it through the day without electrocuting themselves with the kettle, or walking in front of a bus when they leave their front door??? It is scary how stupid the general public is.

Luckily, us bloggers are much smarter than them. :)


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