Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The fete went well, I was at the school from 9am till 6pm even though the fete ony officially ran from 2-4, it was fun but exhausting and I'm not sure if I'll stay on after next april and do it again, I'll see how the christmas fete goes!


I now have six children over the week and its killing me, although the most I ever have is 3 at a time, one of them is a baby so the logistics of just going to the nearby park are hard work. But staying at home with them all day is just as hard, they need to get out and so do I! I'm losing the battle of the house work big time, the amount of time and effort I spend just doesnt equate to how the house looks!


Lolly won an award at school and they are having an awards ceremony on thursday, looking forward to getting my smart clothes on and taking pics as a pround mum, only trouble is I dont look my age and get odd stares and comments as I'm the youngest mum by far there, not many mums who have their babys as teenagers get their daughters into such a good school. Last time I got told that six formers should go that way, now I dont think I look in my late teens but I get mistaken for 26/27 a lot when I'm really 33!

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hi ! i just realised its been over a week since we heard from you, everything ok ?


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