Monday, 24 August 2009

I've stopped crying long enough to see the screen clearly enough to write something. My brother in law and his wife used their last ivf embryo in a surrogacy arrangement with a friend of 12 years. She handed the baby over and all was happy. Three days later she turns up with 2 midwives and the police and claims the baby back. And she can. The law was written to protect mums who have eggs donated to them not for surrogacy. In the eyes of the law their biological baby isnt theirs. This woman can keep her even though she isnt her baby. My brother in law can claim paternity rights and ask for visitation but his wife cant claim or apply for anything. If the pain I'm feeling when I think about this is anything to go by then I dont know how they are even still breathing.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Reality is hard isnt it? Nothing is that bad here, just crashing back to earth after a lovely weekend away. Things are great between Jon and I until you involve kids, family, money, ex's, friends, all the things life is made of. We'll work it out.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

In a bad mood

Lollys dad, wife and kids are over from abroad to visit, its all very fine and dandy to anyone who saw us but I hate it. Lolly is going out shopping with them today and while I hope they buy her things she needs I'm in a stinking mood about it. I bring her up for 15 years and they swan in once a year and play happy families.

cat and dog have fleas no matter how much I spray them, the carpets, 90 degree wash everything, I hear its flea season and everytime they go in the garden they pick up more from where the foxes and hedgehogs have been, great. For some reason fleas dont like me, probably the amount of garlic tablets I take but they love dumpling and he keeps running screaming to me as a tiny black dot jumps up his arm. Makes me feel dirty and not in the good way to know there are bugs in my house! Still trying to get rid of dumplings nits, sorry if this post is making you itch, think how it makes me feel I'm here! Lolly and I came to the conclusion that if she ever got nits then the heat from her GHDs would kill them, 240 degree, so she is currently straightening his hair!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

cat came back within a few minutes of the tuna being put out, I'm the hero of the neighbourhood! Still think I can smell tuna several showers and baths later...

Its sunday morning, I'm waiting for the children to raise themselves out of bed and tidy up the mess they made of the dining room, strictly speaking Lolly wasnt here, the kids she babysits for all decided to come here and build a large den with Dumpling which involved all of my blankets, it didnt get cleared up, the dog slept in it so its all furry now, Lolly got paid for sitting with their dog and watching tv while I repeatedly said 'can you stop shouting, you're all in the same room!' Lolly came home and offered me the money for babysitting as although she was present, there were no kids there, all destroying my house!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

My neighbours cat has wandered off while she is on holiday and her cousin is feeding them so I've put out a bowl of tuna thinking no cat could resist, except all I've got is hands that smell of tuna and lots of other peoples cats!


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