Friday, 19 June 2009

yes Maria

I'm under strict orders from Maria to stop mooning about with a dopey grin and absoloutly no ability to concentrate, to spill the beans on why and how spinster Jenny suddenly ended up in a relationship!

Well, after an afternoon of sitting in my friends garden signing off men forever, I went out on the town with my best friend Linda. We chatted, danced, drank way too much and in the early hours of the morning I came downstairs in the bar and just met the eyes and smile of Jon. He's the friend of my friends cousin or something. We clicked, were both a little drunk, went back to his, got friendly at dawn after tallking and listening to music all night and havnt really been apart since! You know all those cliches? All true. All the songs you here on the radio, all about us. He's funny, a grown up, intelligent, divorced-no kids, wants kids-me too, and unlike most men in my town he is not an egotistical prat! Its hard to explain without sounding twee but its when you realise that every other relationship has been forced and rubbish, when its right, its right, its natural, its makes you feel calm yet excited. You plan your future without even realising it, the day after we met we were making plans six months in the future. You just know.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

sorry havnt blogged, I've met someone....

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


I looked after my friends children while she and her husband visited his very sick mother in hospital. The eldest boy, 4 complained of stomuch ache and looked pale and within minutes of arriving and parents leaving threw up big time! Luckily it was on my decking and could be rinsed away. He seemed fine, colour came back and ate his tea when we visited my mums, on returning to my house, I put the key in the lock and he threw up over my shoes! I've rinsed scrubbed and washed and all I can smell its that acidy smell of really yucky kids sick, the type that burns your nose! They did pay me well though, for the late notice babysitting and the inconvenience of a sick child! Doesnt bother me, I've been thrown up on so many times by children, I even deliberately caught it in my long shirt once to save my new carpet and sofa!
Having a very productive day, am a little hyped on caffiene which helps! I dont take it very much as too much makes me jittery but a Pro-plus when I've got a busy day can really help, I've cleaned the kitchen and mopped all the floors, washing is in the machine, on the line and some is fluffing in the dryer. I'm hoping my new carpet cleaner will arrive today so I can shampoo the carpets!

Had a good PTA meeting last night, its allways going to be a lot of strong headed women and a bit of a power battle but you just have to bite your tongue and take it with a very large pinch of salt! I've sent emails to my daughters dance group inviting them to perform at the summer fayre, the local radio station inviting them to come and broadcast, I've put up notices at the school reminding everyone about the planning meeting on tuesday at the pub, I've got to go and buy yellow t-shirts for everyone to wear at the fayre, I want to iron transfer PTA across the back like FBI but no one elses wants it! We have yellow badges that I designed and ordered to identify us and if the guy who does the PA each year thanks just one person of the PTA for 'single handly organising the event' I will kill him! We dont do this for the fame but nice if we all get the acknowledgement of how much time and energy we have put into it!


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