Monday, 30 June 2008

back aches, have run out of painkillers.

new kitten needs jabs, should have checked out the price before buying kitten, guess who is not going out this weekend for friends birthday?

went bike riding with kids and my dad, I need a gel seat for my pushbike.

dog needs a bath, he stinks but my back hurts too much to lean over the bath for that long.

just opened my credit card bill, wtf?

washing machine still leaking from the outlet pipe despite taking it apart and cleaning it, dont know why and really dont care, have just left a bucket underneath.

little chicks are growing by the second and pooping constantly, changing their paper twice a day, its the heat lamp that makes the smell so bad.

bleuggh, as you can tell, not really in the best of moods, back later

Friday, 27 June 2008

Dumpling and I are taking a sick day, well more like a rest day before we burn out and get sick. A whole week of lates nights for various reasons, sports day for him and lots of other end of term things, even though they dont break up till 18th July and a busy week with all the children and planning for Lollys 14th birthday (yesterday) has left us both pale, tired with sore throats and tummy aches. I either cant go to the toilet or suddenly must go this minute, I need to slow down, drink more water and get to bed earlier. I love being busy, I need the stimulation and love being needed but I've been going at break neck speed all week trying to make sure everything was ready and perfect for lollys birthday. I got her a kitten, he is lovely and she is over the moon, he is very good, living in her room in a rabbit run, using his litter tray every time and eating his tiny little chuunks of kitten food, I will take photos later, he has the tiniest cute kitten face! I took Lolyl and 5 friends to nandos last night, left them to chatter while I took dumpling off for KFC and a wander round the large supermarket next door, he was finding it hard that Lolly was the centre of attention and getting all the presents but he's getting there on the jealousy issues!

I'm aware that I'm rambling on again, will more later with photos!

Oh and who is my anonymous commenter? thanks for stopping by and glad you're enjoying but who are you? xxx

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Its day two of a menstrual migraine, vision is blurry in one eye and I feel like someone has stuck a knitting needle through my eyebrow but for some reason I cant rest and need to keep going despite the thumping pain and loss of co-ordination, so I thought I'd blog!

Lolly is in a "whats the matter?" "nothing" sort of sulk, I think she is tired but she has to learn that we all feel yuck at times but we do not need to be so antisocial that others are offended, sorry auntie katie! Dumpling is in that sort of nonstop motion and nonsense noise phase that 6 year old boys do, I dont think he could keep still if his life depended on it, I'm currently listening to a song that only has lyrics of "yuck, yuck, yuck" not as in yuck-food, just the sound, no sorry now its "uh, uh, uh". so I have the two exstremes of childhood behaviour, one cant stop moving and talking, the other is barely doing either, sigh.

I have to get a new tv, the washing machine on the floor above leaked. The tv is no more, I'm hoping to get one from freecycle and move it to a different place, cant afford to keep blowing up televisions!

Chickens laid one egg each today, including the pekin bantam, only her second egg for us! so its lots of baking tomorrow or if you pop in you'll be leaving with a box of eggs! Oh and we have three new chicks, Dumplings school hatched them last week, its become so normal to have chicks in the house, this is our 4th set, we are barely excited!

Hope all that made sense, my brains not firing quite right with this headache and all the painkillers, see you soon x

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Dumpling goes to bed at around 8pm, note I said to bed and not to sleep, he's often awake when I come up to bed, he's quiet and resting but not asleep, he doesnt come downstairs or call for water or for me but he isnt sleeping! He has got by on not enough sleep for a while now, his teacher says he is fine in school, top of the class in fact but i know he's close to breaking, he got out of the shower this morning, I left him with a pile of clothes and told him to meet me downstairs for breakfast when he was dressed, this normally gives me enough time to get his cereal out, pack his lunch for school and if I hurry let the chickens out. this morning I did all the above and more and after repeated callings up the stairs proved fruitless, I went to find him. and found him. fast asleep on his bedroom floor under a towel! He is now sobbing into his cereal as he thinks hes slept all morning and has missed the register at school, tonight i think I may stay with him and stroke his back till he falls asleep, he needs more sleep and I need less tears in the breakfast bowl!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Life is good but busy! I'm doing a nanny share two days a week, 3 kids aged 3, 4 and 10 months, great kids and I love them but its hard work! Then my other 2 on weds and fridays, keeping me busy but the moneys nice! Also making a real effort to keep the house and garden in good condition, nearly impossible with a dog, two kids who cant see the difference and us traipsing in and out with the weather being nice! We've been to fetes, festivals, bike riding, the beach, its great fun but the washing that goes with it is incredible, I'm constantly washing dirty towels and clothes, even shoes. I love our family life but the kids dont realise how much effort it takes, organisation, just trying to budget for it is hard enough. Luckily we cleared out the garage recently, the people who used to live here left loads of old stuff and they've been in spain for 5 years so I doubt they would mind me getting rid of it, all the scrap metal sold for £40! Having chickens is saving us money too, eggs are so expensive and the thought that I know exactly what goes into our eggs and that our hens are loved and cared for is comforting. Ok this is turning into a random stream of consciousness blog, but again I promise to blog more often! x

Sunday, 1 June 2008

I'm either too busy or too tired to blog at the moment and besides I dont think anyones reading any more...! Been a busy week with the kids off school for half term and have been looking after a friends children so she doesnt have to pay extortionate holiday club fees. Also have to sort out the new tenancy agreement for the house, landlord thought he was doing me a favour by emailing it to me but then I have to print it, post it back to him for his signature and then wait for him to post it back to me, I think he thought he was doing me a favour but it would have been easier for him to print, sign and post???

Feeling bad for being so irritable with my children but I'm just so sick of their mess, their tattling on each other and their interrupting when ever I try and speak to anyone. Its so hard to occupy two children of such different ages and sexes. They are not majorly badly behaved, they just have the same annoying habits that they do again and again, no matter how much I get cross and deny privileges, the moment I stop acting like an army officer and relax, they stop being tidy or nice to each other.

I feel like I'm doing just enough of everything in my life so that it doesnt fall apart but cant give any part of it enough time or attention. I need more hours in the day, more days in the week, a cleaner, a tutor, a dog walker, a gardener, a Secretary. I'm doing all these jobs while the kids walk around sniping at each other, dropping crumbs and packets, throwing stuff at bins rather that in bins, stepping on clean washing left in neat piles on the stairs to be taken up, oh you get the drift, I'm getting pissed just writing about this, I dont know how to make them want to live in a clean tidy house, they really wouldnt care if we lived in a hovel.

And the new washing machine is leaking from somewhere and the kitchen tap drips so badly that it needs replacing, whats the bets on something else goes wrong...?


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