Monday, 16 June 2008

Life is good but busy! I'm doing a nanny share two days a week, 3 kids aged 3, 4 and 10 months, great kids and I love them but its hard work! Then my other 2 on weds and fridays, keeping me busy but the moneys nice! Also making a real effort to keep the house and garden in good condition, nearly impossible with a dog, two kids who cant see the difference and us traipsing in and out with the weather being nice! We've been to fetes, festivals, bike riding, the beach, its great fun but the washing that goes with it is incredible, I'm constantly washing dirty towels and clothes, even shoes. I love our family life but the kids dont realise how much effort it takes, organisation, just trying to budget for it is hard enough. Luckily we cleared out the garage recently, the people who used to live here left loads of old stuff and they've been in spain for 5 years so I doubt they would mind me getting rid of it, all the scrap metal sold for £40! Having chickens is saving us money too, eggs are so expensive and the thought that I know exactly what goes into our eggs and that our hens are loved and cared for is comforting. Ok this is turning into a random stream of consciousness blog, but again I promise to blog more often! x

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Maria said...

One of the things I hate about summer is that Liv has so many summer classes that she wants to take and they are so costly....

Plus, Bing always spends a lot of time away in the summer traveling to Apple seminars so she isn't around to help cart Liv around.

It is only three weeks into vacation and I have already had to hear the "I'm so bored" line. I told Liv that if she says it again, she is cleaning a closet....


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