Sunday, 1 June 2008

I'm either too busy or too tired to blog at the moment and besides I dont think anyones reading any more...! Been a busy week with the kids off school for half term and have been looking after a friends children so she doesnt have to pay extortionate holiday club fees. Also have to sort out the new tenancy agreement for the house, landlord thought he was doing me a favour by emailing it to me but then I have to print it, post it back to him for his signature and then wait for him to post it back to me, I think he thought he was doing me a favour but it would have been easier for him to print, sign and post???

Feeling bad for being so irritable with my children but I'm just so sick of their mess, their tattling on each other and their interrupting when ever I try and speak to anyone. Its so hard to occupy two children of such different ages and sexes. They are not majorly badly behaved, they just have the same annoying habits that they do again and again, no matter how much I get cross and deny privileges, the moment I stop acting like an army officer and relax, they stop being tidy or nice to each other.

I feel like I'm doing just enough of everything in my life so that it doesnt fall apart but cant give any part of it enough time or attention. I need more hours in the day, more days in the week, a cleaner, a tutor, a dog walker, a gardener, a Secretary. I'm doing all these jobs while the kids walk around sniping at each other, dropping crumbs and packets, throwing stuff at bins rather that in bins, stepping on clean washing left in neat piles on the stairs to be taken up, oh you get the drift, I'm getting pissed just writing about this, I dont know how to make them want to live in a clean tidy house, they really wouldnt care if we lived in a hovel.

And the new washing machine is leaking from somewhere and the kitchen tap drips so badly that it needs replacing, whats the bets on something else goes wrong...?


Maria said...

Ah...I just have the one child and she drives me insane with her habit of actually LEAPING over a laundry basket on the steps instead of just picking it up and carrying it with her. Or her shoes for that matter. She kicks them off and then the dog gets them or I stumble on them.

If there were two of her, I think i would be stuttering a lot and babbling like an idiot sometimes.

Anonymous said...

dont worry, lots of us are reading, we just dont comment much

Kate said...

Hey hey hey, Im back, don't know if you noticed but I have been muchly seriously slack in my blog reading, am terribly sorry but I shall be back more often now as the post baby arrival blues have worn off. Many hugs and now I need to go read your archives so I can catch up.


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