Monday, 30 June 2008

back aches, have run out of painkillers.

new kitten needs jabs, should have checked out the price before buying kitten, guess who is not going out this weekend for friends birthday?

went bike riding with kids and my dad, I need a gel seat for my pushbike.

dog needs a bath, he stinks but my back hurts too much to lean over the bath for that long.

just opened my credit card bill, wtf?

washing machine still leaking from the outlet pipe despite taking it apart and cleaning it, dont know why and really dont care, have just left a bucket underneath.

little chicks are growing by the second and pooping constantly, changing their paper twice a day, its the heat lamp that makes the smell so bad.

bleuggh, as you can tell, not really in the best of moods, back later


Maria said...

Ugh. One of THOSE days. Hope things improve soon....

Anonymous said...

here in US veterinary care is not only expensive, they try to guilt you into all sorts of tests, procedures and treatments. it can get out of hand. i can only afford the basics anyway, rabies, fleas, and of course spay/neuter. even that adds up, with more than one pet. they are worth it though, i cant imagine life without pets, they bring so much joy.



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