Monday, 26 May 2008


After a near perfect day of blue skies, sunshine and light breezes yesterday, the weather has changed. Big time. The wind has been buffeting my house since the early hours, keeping me awake and the rain is pouring down relentlessly. We were going to a pet dog show today and entering nemo but its all outside! If the rain stopped now we might be able to go to the afternoon section but it doesnt look promising. Might take the kids swimming at the local pool, hell we could swim there at this rate...

Sunday, 25 May 2008


I went out, the sun shined all day despite the weather forcast saying the opposite (?)Town by the sea which is near where I live was wonderfully quiet because the forcast was rain, we bought take aways, sat in the gardens and ate it, walked at that slow pace you only do when relaxed and in the summer, we went to the museum, took photos in the garden of the museum, Lolly nearly accidently stole a postcard, she walked around the whole place with it in her hand because she thought they were free! (we gave it back) we bought ice creams, walked somne more, went to a few shops and then caught the bus home. We then went to my mums and drove out to another place by the sea and walked the dogs for another few hours, bliss.We're now at my mums drinking wine and bbq-ing, the stress of this morning has long gone, dissolved in the wine... x
Yeh, Yeh , I know I actually have to blog to be considered a blogger but I have a cold, my period and have been in one hell of a bad mood, didnt help that Maria has been talking about good sex when I’ve only had mediocre sex once in the past three years. I’m turning into an old woman, drying up as we speak, I’d rather potter round with my chickens than party it up, I was so relieved when my night out on friday was cancelled, couldnt think of any thing worse than going to a loud pub to meet desperate single men or horny married ones. Friends tell me I should do my hair, get my tightest clothes on and get out there more...but I dont want to, and I dont want to find a man. or a woman. am I weird or wrong that I dont feel anything any more for the opposite sex. I have a sex drive. I can deal with that myself! Excuse this post if its just drivel, I’m sweating with fever here, flu-y fever not sexy fever!

Its bank holiday here and then half term so kids are sat around in pyjamas, bickering and generally driving me insane. Everything I told them off for yesterday is back exactly the same this morning. I’m not even going to list it because my blood pressure rises and my head starts to pound. Its going to be a long week if it carrys on raining...

Right, I'm going to get off my but and get out of the house, I dont care where, I just cant sit around listening to the kids sniping at each other whilst littering the lounge with crumbs and crisp packets...wish me luck, I might be bringing them back by the scruff of their necks and locking them in the shed!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

ok updates but one line sentences!

Dog has had all his hair cut, will post pics soon, looks weird but getting used to it!

Went to my friends wedding reception at the weekend, busy week for them, they got married in cancun, came back had a church blessing, then a sit down meal that afternoon then the party that we went to in the evening, dont know how they were still standing!

Grass is growing back well in the garden, wish I had taken a before photo to compare!

Ticked Dumpling off for whining all the way to school but hugged and kissed him goodbye and thought all was well, school rang as I walked home to say his he was sobbing and what had happened before school?!? I explained and they said not to worry and I rang just know and they said he was fine!

Lolly is taking exams all week, bless her, we're having a heatwave this week and she's stuck in classrooms for hour at a time doing page after page of SATs.

I'm trying to get my legs out in the sun but they are pasty, have a line across the back from my gardening boots and varicose veins, pretty!

I got a great deal on some new garden furniture, £50 for 4 chairs, table and parasol, just hope it isnt too flat packed,I hate putting these together but always do because I'm too proud to ask for help!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

can everyone tell me how to do more things like this?

Friday, 2 May 2008

I have a few minutes to blog before I go and pick up the boys I look after but can barely keep my eyes open, Dumpling has started having night mares again, well nightmares for me, he doesn't remember that he spends a large portion of the night kicking and crying in his sleep, I have to gently wake him, he looks surprised at me me, claims he doesn't know what I'm talking about when I say he was dreaming and goes straight back to sleep! Its great that its not consciously bothering him and maybe they are just active dreams but my sleep is being disrupted and can barely keep my eyes open during the day, pity I don't like coffee as I could really do with a hit of caffeine!


The dog is going to the groomers next week for a thorough cut, I must remember to do a before and after photo!


Chickens are doing well, lots of eggs, did some diy on their cages and coops yesterday, just to make sure they are secure at night from the fox, replaced some rusty screws, tightened a few up and added another couple of sliding small bolts. I sleep better knowing they are secure, wish dumpling would!


Attended my first PTA meeting last night, I'm grateful that another mum has agreed to be joint chair with me, I'm happy to do what ever needs doing but prefer for someone else to make those decisions and then tell me to do them, I'll work hard but don't want the responsibility!


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