Wednesday, 7 May 2008

ok updates but one line sentences!

Dog has had all his hair cut, will post pics soon, looks weird but getting used to it!

Went to my friends wedding reception at the weekend, busy week for them, they got married in cancun, came back had a church blessing, then a sit down meal that afternoon then the party that we went to in the evening, dont know how they were still standing!

Grass is growing back well in the garden, wish I had taken a before photo to compare!

Ticked Dumpling off for whining all the way to school but hugged and kissed him goodbye and thought all was well, school rang as I walked home to say his he was sobbing and what had happened before school?!? I explained and they said not to worry and I rang just know and they said he was fine!

Lolly is taking exams all week, bless her, we're having a heatwave this week and she's stuck in classrooms for hour at a time doing page after page of SATs.

I'm trying to get my legs out in the sun but they are pasty, have a line across the back from my gardening boots and varicose veins, pretty!

I got a great deal on some new garden furniture, £50 for 4 chairs, table and parasol, just hope it isnt too flat packed,I hate putting these together but always do because I'm too proud to ask for help!

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