Friday, 27 June 2008

Dumpling and I are taking a sick day, well more like a rest day before we burn out and get sick. A whole week of lates nights for various reasons, sports day for him and lots of other end of term things, even though they dont break up till 18th July and a busy week with all the children and planning for Lollys 14th birthday (yesterday) has left us both pale, tired with sore throats and tummy aches. I either cant go to the toilet or suddenly must go this minute, I need to slow down, drink more water and get to bed earlier. I love being busy, I need the stimulation and love being needed but I've been going at break neck speed all week trying to make sure everything was ready and perfect for lollys birthday. I got her a kitten, he is lovely and she is over the moon, he is very good, living in her room in a rabbit run, using his litter tray every time and eating his tiny little chuunks of kitten food, I will take photos later, he has the tiniest cute kitten face! I took Lolyl and 5 friends to nandos last night, left them to chatter while I took dumpling off for KFC and a wander round the large supermarket next door, he was finding it hard that Lolly was the centre of attention and getting all the presents but he's getting there on the jealousy issues!

I'm aware that I'm rambling on again, will more later with photos!

Oh and who is my anonymous commenter? thanks for stopping by and glad you're enjoying but who are you? xxx


Maria said...

It never hurts to get some down time. And the problem is always that you don't realize that you need it until you've already stumbled around a bit....

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for asking, im not a "blogger" or anything, im home with many little ones, loving them but really enjoying reading "mommy blogs" every day. about my own chidren, one just graduated from high school with honors, the other from college and is 2nd Lt. in US marines ! if youd known them growing up, youd know this is miracle !
V in US


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