Friday, 25 July 2008

I am here, I'm fine, just overworked with my kids off school and me looking after so many! The mums are appreciating my flexibilty unlike the nurserys here by tacking on extra hours so they can go to appointments, physio, solicitors etc so I'm working my but off plus overtime, the cash is nice but is dissapearing fast with my kids wanting to dovarious holiday activitys! We're going horse riding in wales next week too and I'm trying to borrow all the things we need rather than pay out so its a tent from my sister, jodphurs from freecycle, I keep adding things to the list I have and worrying that the parents of my toddlers will forget that I've told them away and to make other plans and turn up while I'm 200 miles away! We're taking the dog, the bantam hen and the three large chicks, hoping to get neighbour to feed and water the others, my mum and sister are coming to feed the chinchilla, the rabbits, the kitten and the fish! Maybe I should send the kids and I should stay here...?

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Anonymous said...

when youre the mom, even a vacation is work !



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