Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Everyone I know is going down with flu and cold and sore throats, I feel awful but have no symptoms apart from nausea and extreme tiredness (no I'm not pregnant) I guess I'm fighting of all these germs, doesnt help that I was at a 3 hour PTA meeting last night, couldnt sleep when I got to bed, got anxious about not sleeping, felt ill becuase I was anxious and the vicious circle started, so on four and a half hours sleep and an inflamed rotator cuff I'm not in the best mood. I also rocked up at Jakes preschool with arms full of book bags and lunchboxes as the boys were riding their bikes and realised that I didnt bring the a very slow walk home with a two year old who stopped at every tree, flower, window to examine and talk about, cute as hell but I wont forget his buggy again!

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Maria said...

I am a little alarmed, too, by how many are sick in my city here in the states. Bing's high school has an absentee rate of over 22% which is unheard of in September. I have a small office. We are 3 physicians, three secretaries, a translator, a nurse and a janitor. Last week, two of our secretaries were out (including mine who came back to work on Friday and coughed all over the place and NOT in her arm, as she should know how to do), our nurse and translator said that they felt awful, but came in anyway.

Liv has been ill since yesterday with a high fever (and I had kept her home two days this week to help me can, so she needed to be at school.) I woke up with a sore throat this morning but am ignoring it and telling myself that it is nothing.

Fingers crossed, Jen....


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