Sunday, 26 April 2009

Bleeuggh! Went out Friday night, nice to get out and see a few people but being drunk isnt as much fun as it used to be and I'm just left feeling so tired after eating junk food and drinking coke all weekend, I'd rather have gone camping all weekend, would have cost about the same!


Maria said...

I went to a banquet with Bing a couple of weeks ago (she won a teaching award) and I had TWO lousy glasses of white wine. You would have thought that I drank the whole bottle by myself, I was THAT tipsy.

QuJaBaKa said...

ohhhh I know that feeling, I'm debating if its age or children that makes me seriously regret the very occasional drink. I think it may be a combination. Camping does sound better, might put that on my list of things to do instead of go out for a drink.


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