Thursday, 23 August 2007


I guess I should explain! This is what happens when you have a 9lb5oz baby, put on some weight, lose it and then develop IBS, a gut! It does look better if I stand up straighter, suck it in and put my shoulders back, but I often forget and this is what people see, this is why the rumours start but they forget one little detail that would be necessary....

This pictures are for the benefit of Redneckmommy


Kate said...

Oh my goodness, Snap!!
I have one of those, well now its got an excuse growing under it but after a 9 pounder and a 7 an a half pounder I am starting to doubt that anyone will tell I am pg and they will all think I am just getting fatter because I can't be bothered!

Maria said...

I could stand to show my stomach.

But, not my ass.

My ass is private. Very private. And it is HUGE.


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