Thursday, 9 August 2007

28 days later

28 days people, I thought I told you to warn me why I've turned into irritable super-bitch? Thumping headache and back pain, pain killers just made me sleep and then wake up even crabbier than before, I keep grinding my teeth in stress and a sure sign that I'm down and bothered is the repeating of thoughts in my head, just mundane stuff like I have to get some wax from the beauty suppliers but I can stop thinking about it, I've even written a long list of all the things that go round and round but still around my head they go, ever had days when you would like to leave yourself just for a few hours? I'm annoyed with myself for the way I feel and guilty that I feel so awful and distant to everyone.

But I'll be fine in a few days and you can listen to this all again next month!


Kaybeejae said...

Many hugs to you and a strong cup of happy juice to aid you in feeling better (happy juice can be anything that is not narcotic!). Can honestly say I don't miss the monthly visitation at the moment.

Maria said...

Ah, I am a born list maker. And I never seem to get everything attended to....

Such is my life...


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