Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The End

I'm not going to blog anymore.

I will certainly continue to read all my favourite blogs but I'm just too busy with my life to write anymore, I dont have the patience to write anything good! Jon and I have been together 5 months and are planning our future together, we want a baby together and with two kids, a dog and a cat, 3 rabbits, chickens and his two cats we're going to be busy! If I start blogging again I'll be in touch but for now its thankyou and goodbye x


Anonymous said...

are you sure????
it really doesn't take that long to write just a few lines every few days or weeks!
so many of us enjoy you even though we don't comment much.
so won't you please reconsider???


LL Cool Joe said...

Aww and I was just getting to know you too. I do understand though. Maybe you could just blog once in a while?

Kate said...

Oh wow, look at that, I go and miss your goodbye post and then maybe just hopefully you change your mind.
I've been slacking on the reading but things are lookin up for me and mine. don't go yet.
Lots of hugs
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