Wednesday, 18 November 2009

huh, where did my post about friday go?

ok, Jons ex kicked off about us going to her nieces birthday party, Jon is their God parent and Jon, Jude and I were invited. She decided for various reasons that we shouldnt come, one being that her new boyfriend of two weeks wouldnt like it! Jon always wants to please people and I guess after 10 years of saying yes to her or her stropping, he did at first until I pointed out a list of reasons why it was out of order for her to even ask. A long 'discussion' then went on by email and text as I was too angry to speak to him, he also was in contact with her about the weekend, it was at the point that she refered to my son as 'your girlfriend and her kid' that I lost the plot, say what you like but dont bring my children into it. Theres a lot that was said, a lot she lied about but at the end of the day we stood our ground, stayed polite and calm and the party went without upset. I've always been respectful about her but now the gloves are off.

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Maria said...

God, that whole ex problem. Grrr. Bing has one ex whom I am very unkind about. The first time that Bing introduced me to her (we were still in college back then and dorm mates, just friends), I honestly thought she was a junior high boy! Her name is Kyle and I kept wondering why Bing was hanging out with a pre-teen boy! It wasn't until they kissed that I finally got it.

We saw her about three years ago, ran into her at a restaurant and I am NOT KIDDING. She STILL looks like a 12 year old boy!


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