Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Not being part of the blogging world for very long I had no idea what nablogpomo was, not sure if I do yet but everyone is supposed to post once a day for a month? Well you'll only get short posts out of me but I'll give it a try...?

I can smell warm custard and I have no idea why, we dont have any?

I had acupuncture again last night from my gp, I dont think its suppsed to hurt that much nor bleed!

I've just found my shower gel puff thing on the floor by my pc, two floors away from the bathromm, huh? Blame the puppy.

The puppy bit the groomer and the groomer forgot to do his nails, he taps on the floor when he walks and refuses to pavement walk so she is coming back tonight.

My chickens should be laying eggs by now but I think the fireworks have unsettled them plus the fox attack. I have put a box of straw in their run in case they feel like laying one during the day but they just took all the straw out and looked at me like I was stupid...

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