Sunday, 11 January 2009

What are you supposed to do when someone places a group photo of face book, one of which is your daughter and another is a convicted, incarcerated child rapist? The person refuses to see that their is anything wrong with the whole situation and even other children connected with the photo have defended its right to be there? One teenage girl commented "he didnt to anything to us so get over it" !!! So its ok that he didnt rape any of the children in the photo, just that thats the sort of thing he did and ran a sports club full of young girls in leotards? Nope they all support him, unbelieveable.


QuJaBaKa said...

Urgh thats horrible. but be careful because we all know that criminals get more rights than potential victims so just watch your back.

Terroni said...

For lack of a more eloquent response... ew, yuck.


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