Friday, 2 January 2009

Recovering from the migraine that seems to transfer itself form Maria and Terroni to me through the blogsphere! My head and neck feel bruised from the thumping, screaming pain that had me awake at 5am, tiptoe-ing around the house for water and more painkillers and cursing myself when switching the downstairs light on woke the cockerel in the chicken house, am sure a few neighbours cursed me too!

Had an ok-ish day with my dad, sister, her husband, two girls and a niece from her husbands side. Had its good points and bad, my sister and husband go from being completely twee and in love to bickering like toddlers. My niece was her usual beautiful but drama queen self and has picked up on the fact that her parents think she is feeling left out with the new baby and using it to its fullest advantage! We took an amazing walk with the dogs and kids, their house backs onto a wood and river, you open the back gate and you're off. My dad doesn't like dawdling though and got cold while the kids were climbing trees, posing for photos and having fun. he is ok if hes working in the cold but standing around he just gets cold and grumpy despite his warm clothes, gloves and hat. The idea was to get there mid morning, go for a walk and then have lunch, watch a film in the afternoon and get home by tea time. I presumed that lunch was cooking while we were walking but no, my sister decided to start cooking a full roast dinner and 1.45pm, so we didn't eat till 3.15. Delicious as it was, my blood sugar levels couldn't cope and the migraine started early evening. I need to eat every four hours and snack a little in between.

What else? Lolly has gone to see the teenage vampire film again, whats it called? I'd forgotten what its like to be a teenager and happily spend you're hard earned babysitting money on watching a film for the second time, I think I saw 'Ghost' four times! Dumpling is behaving very well, he's back on the omega 3 fish oil syrup again and it really seems to help? Still the untidiest pair in the land and I still have to raise my voice to get anything done, asking politely but firmly doesn't have any effect with them, you have to sergeant major it.

Chickens are laying about 4 a day between 7 of them, not bad, keeps me in eggs but its great in the summer when 7 a day is standard!


Maria said...

I grew up with chickens on our farm and I remember that their eggs were just excellent, so much better than the ones I buy in the grocery store now.

Migraines suck. Big large.

Terroni said...

I'm so sorry. I never meant to send you that migraine. I actually thought I flung it in BBC's general direction. (Do you know him? He's an asshole who occasionally leaves crap comments on Maria's blog.)

"you have to sergeant major it"
I love that.


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