Saturday, 27 December 2008

Non-techno gran

My grandmother got a digital picture frame from her daughter, my aunt, perfect idea as she loves her photos of the grandchildren and complains she doesnt have enough space or frames. So my Aunt gets her a very expensive one with a 4GB card so that I can add to it and we can build up more photos, I get it out of the box and set it up and add photos of my kids, put it in a lovely spot and let the slide show begin, we ohh and ahh over photos and when it finally comes round to the start of the slideshow, she says

"Ok, thats was lovely, pack it away for me would you?"

"Pack it away? What for?"

"Well, you cant just have it laying around like that can you? I'll get it out when I want to look at photos!"

Even my Grandad said for gods sake Joyce, its a photo frame, leave it out!

All that money, thought, effort and technology and shes going to put it back in the box and in the cupboard and forget about it because she doesnt understand the technology!

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Maria said...

I don't get this kind of shit. Bing and I bought our first set of china together a few months ago and it is now sitting in our cupboard and has only been used once and I swear to God, she drove me NUTS by fretting over whether the plates would get chipped. Liv was almost terrified to eat, so worried she was about maybe spilling her milk.

I told Bing that she needed to lighten up, that they were just PLATES for fuck sakes.

She didn't react well.


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