Friday, 5 December 2008

crazy busy, no time to blog but

funny smell in my lounge, cant find the source

distributed over 600 teatowels around the classrooms at school after bagging them up, some teachers didnt give them out at home time so parents rang me at home to find out where they were!

Tripped over the stage for the nativity play when giving out said tea towels and now have one bad knee and one bruised shin, managed not to swear in front of primary school children

already had bad knee from running up wooden steps at side of the house and wooden step breaking, I hit the deck literally and have been limping and wincing ever since

As I came into the playground this morning after taking the dog and chickens out, one immaculately dressed mummy cried out "Oh Jenny, your boots, they're...........muddy!" Funny that considering that's what I bought them for...?

Went Christmas shopping and bought nothing. Dumpling has everything, no decent new toy came out this year it seems, same stuff as last year which between last Christmas, his birthday and having grandparents and great grandparents he has it all! Lolly wants a new graphics tablet as hers broke so thats one off the list.

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Maria said...

I am finished Christmas shopping and it feel freakin' grand....


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