Sunday, 14 December 2008

Just got back from a bowling party for Dumplings friend, 9.30am start on a sunday? It fun and its a nice age where they are a competitive but at the same time fair about it, making sure each got their go and being genuinely happy for each other when they did well, give it a few years and the backstabbing will begin! The only bad thing was a 'party manager', a ditzy bleached blonde who walked around with a microphone and talked nonsense into the microphone which was then blasted above the music in the bowling alley "Err, yeh the next person to get a strike or spare of whatevers its called gets err something, I've got some sweets in my pocket..." She drivelled on and announced one child to be rubbish at bowling to the entire alley, she thought she was funny, I thought she needed the microphone confiscated?


I have to go and clean out the hen house in a moment, yuck, gross jog, doesnt take that long but the smell is horrible, my mum keeps asking for the straw and poop for her flowerbeds and compost bin but never comes and picks it up, if you're reading this mum, there are 5 bags from last weekend and about to be a few more!

They are laying maybe 3 a day out of nine chickens that should be laying, its enough to keep us baking but its lovely in the summer when you are just tripping over eggs and the kids come in with handfuls of them!


Been making lots of Christmas crafts, I'm not into decorating and we dont have a tree, nemo would only pee on it and the kitten would climb it, besides, theres no room for it in this house. I spent all day yesterday cleaning and it vaguely looks normal, shows how bad it was in the first place. An hour was spent at the launderette, Nemo pee-d on my bed, big time. I dont know why, he's not allowed upstairs but he must have snuck past us and pee-d all over the bed. All the covers went in a very hot wash in my machine and the two duvets went to the big machines down the road with extra detergent and the hottest wash it could do, now they are hung all over the house as its damp and freezing outside nothing is going to dry.

Speaking of the weather, its cold for where I live, below freezing is rare, more likely to rain, but its been freezing the chickens water bowls regularly, even in the middle of the day. Dumpling wants, no, needs snow this year. He has owned a sledge for three years and sits to use it, what great photos I could take of him wizzing down a nearby perfect-for-sledging-if-it-ever-snowed-hill!

I've been sending out a few christmas cards, I don't do many and I always make them personal, I hate receiving a boring shop bought card, one of a box of 100 with their names , our names and thats it, I bought the ones you can slip a photo into

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