Sunday, 14 December 2008

Reasons why Maria should get some chickens

I know she just wants me to talk her into it and if we lived nearer I'd have already installed some in her garden! I dont have as many animals as Catherine at Farmtales but I wish i did!


Chickens are pets that give back, most pets get boring because they dont do much after the first few days but chickens give you eggs!

You never ever get bored of finding eggs in the nest, little perfect ovals of fertility and food!

You know exactly what went into your egg and how the chickens was treated, if you could have smelled my ex-battery hens when they first got here you would have never eaten a non-free range egg again.

If you get a cockerel too you get a ready made alarm clock!

Also having a cockerel means you might get teeny weeny chicks, which are so cute, the mother will rear them, chickens rarely have problems with their young, even if you did rear them its such fun and not complicated.

All your scraps from the kitchen will get used up, some people collect it all days, blitz it in a food mixer and feed it to the chickens, put something warm in like porridge and they will love you for it.

It makes you go out in all weathers and you find that weathers not that bad, my dad says theres no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing. I have a lovely pair of waterproof trousers and my gardening coat, team that with my boots and I look like a lunatic. Ok not the best advert but you can wear your pyjamas underneath, chickens dont mind.

You can keep three chickens in a large rabbit hutch, they like to be together and will snuggle up in the smallest space. Again a rabbit run is great for the in the day time if its not safe to free range, move it around the garden and pick a plastic garden furniture cover from the pound shop for when it rains heavily. You can make a run easily from scrap wood or look on freecycle.

The internet is wealth of information for chickens and people who keeps chickens are good salt of the earth people not like certain pedigree dog forums that I asked one simple question on about my dog...

Chickens have personalities and you quickly distinguish between even very similar looking ones. You become very protective over your 'girls' and proud of the 'boys' who always look amazing. They make lovely noises and its so fun to garden iwth 'friends'.

I'll think of more reasons, chickens are addictive!


Gorilla Bananas said...

I prefer ostriches, their eggs are bigger.

Maria said...

I grew up on a farm and what I remember about the chickens is that they would peck at my toes in the summertime...


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