Friday, 19 December 2008

Anti-bac gel please

Going to the bathroom when you look after small children tends to be a group affair, (them not me, I cant pee in front of anyone, actually my best friend Linda would disagree but thats another post about friday night...)

Anyway so there we all are in the toilet, me, 3 year old and 18 month old, brothers. 3 year old pees and as he's to busy talking and telling me about Thomas and james and all the other engines, his attention wanders and he piddles a little on the floor, he grabs a handful of baby wipes to clear it up, one wipe drops to the floor and onto the piddle and before I can even reach down the 18 month old has picked it up and cleaned his face with it! Gag, bleaughh, etc etc. Its great that they are both so well trained in being clean but not quite in this instant.


Melissa B. said...

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Maria said...

It is sort of remarkable how low one's standards for cleanliness go when we have children, though. I remember once trying to get a knot out of Liv's sneakers when she was a toddler and when I couldn't get the knot out, I used my teeth on it, only to remember that she had just peed on them.

QuJaBaKa said...

hmmm yes the urgh moments of childcare, The other day I witnessed the two year old that I look after eating a sandwich that he had just stood on, he pulled it off his foot to eat it blurk!! at least he was following the rules about eating all his sandwiches before he eats his snacks but really Im not That pedantic.


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