Friday, 27 March 2009

Bad blogger

I know, I havnt posted for ages but life keeps getting in the way. Like Dumpling running into the side of a moving car and getting his ankle caught by the wheel (he's fine, walked away with a scratch) I, on the other hand, jnow refuse to let him walk anywhere without tightly holding onto his hand, just when he thought he was getting some freedom...

He has also managed to have headlice, threadworms, impetigo, conjuctivitious and skin his face from falling over in the playground. I think sending him to school is a dangerous thing to do these days, Lolly and I havnt suffered from any of the above so I guess he's getting it all from school.

I had loads to write and now am sat here and cant think of a thing, all thats running through my head is a list of things I have to do today and dont have time for. We are running a cinema night at the school tonight, so I wont even have time to go home after school or eat, I will have to make a picnic dinner for Dumpling and I and we can eat it when everything is set up? I also look after Dumplings friend after school on Fridays and have tried twice to text his mum to pick him up from the school at 4.30 and have had no reply!

More chicks arriving soon, Dumplings school hatched 6, dont think we can keep them all, but fun to have while they are small and cute and know lots of people who will take them off my hands!

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Maria said...

Life just gets in the way sometimes....


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