Friday, 7 September 2007

Shared feeding?

I cant decide how I feel about this subject? What do you think?

Just to be clear, the article I linked to was about shared feeding, another woman breastfeeding your child, I only chose the picture to show this, nothing to do with race!


Kate said...

when I started looking after CP for his mum we did jokingly figure that it might be easier for me to feed him (not to mention cheaper!). She said it was fine, but I could never get up enough courage to step across that line, I felt like I was invading her space. Oh and I would never consider feeding someone else's kid if they were in the next room, even from a bottle, that is their right to offer the opportunity not up to me to just take it!

Terroni said...

I don't have feelings either way. I'll let anyone feed my cat. I do think it is an odd way to advertise a sweater though.

StarbucksMom said...

Hi J!
I couldn't breastfeed my kids, and I probably would have been very jealous...but, I don't think I would have wanted to deny them the benefits...if it had been available to us.


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