Saturday, 29 September 2007


Things are fine but I'm in a funk. Summer is over, the rain is pouring down and the sky is so, so grey, I hate it. The roof is still leaking, no idea when the landlord has arranged to have it fixed, he doesnt seem to see how important it is, its damaging his property let alone causing us inconvenience. Once again I'm cross with myself for feeling blue, kids are well, dog is good, budget is ok but I wish I was somewhere warm!


Kate said...

Throw yourself and the kids in a large cardboard box, makes sure there is food and afix lots of stamps, post it to New Zealand and when customs find you I will make sure I vouch for you and bring you home with me for the summer.

Ooopps I forgot the dog, you can bring the dog too

MaryP said...

Huh. I think I'll join you in that box if I can skip winter and go straight to spring down under! Think you can squeeze me in??

Bahrageous said...

Send some of that glorious rain my way, J. We're in the middle of a draught, with no end in sight. In the 90's in October!!


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