Thursday, 28 August 2008

I know, I'm neglecting to blog much at the moment, but I'm either out having fun and to busy to blog or I'm at home and too tired and frustrated to blog.

(Theres a lane that runs down the side of my house leading to the road behind me, people drive me crazy, we're all in , dumplings humming and drawing, Lolly is ironing and I'm on the pc, some woman can hear all the goings on as the french doors are open and all I hear hear her saying is "who's that?" WE'RE NOT TALKING TO YOU, WE'RE IN OUR HOUSE TALKING TO EACH OTHER. Either that or people think its a private place to talk on their mobile phones, just because they cant see us over the six foot fences doesnt mean we cant hear every single thing you say. And all I can say to the teenage drunk girl who had a 'wee'(not the word she used) in the lane, right underneath my bedroom window is nice)

Anyway, if I was out and having fun then it must have been at one of these places

1) At the circus, we were given free tickets by a friend of my mums, when we got there, the lighting tech was an old school friend who gave us the full tour, met the cast, let dumpling play with the light deck and basically gave us the VIP treatment and we got to see the circus agan the next day for free!
2) At a free music festival in a large park near here, great fun, met some old friends, took picnic chairs and a small bottle of wine, gave me a headache by early evening but what the heck? I went both days, didnt take my kids the second day as couldnt take any more of the whining and bickering.

And thats the flip side of having the kids home all summer, 24-7 of listening to them doesnt give me the chance to appreciate them how can I miss you if you wont go away? They have both been lazy to the point of ridiculous and the only way they will do anything is if I get 'army angry'! If I ask nicely for them to pick up their mess, put their plates in the dishwasher and get their stinking bodies in the shower, all I get is a vague hand wave and "in a minute..." I have to raise my voice and get all seargant major on them, then it takes me an age to calm down, my back pain intensifies, my blood pressure goes up and I'm irritable and headachey, then they want worship for doing the things I ask and expect of them!

It doesnt feel like a summer this year, the weather really has been rubbish, if its not raining, its overcast. Its just not right to spend the August bank holiday in a sweatshirt and jeans with your umbrella handy!

what else has happened? Friends of my dads came over with him while I was out as I said they could take as many apples as they liked of my tree, I assumed they might leave me a bucket of apples and maybe tidy up the windfalls in return? nope, grabbed and ran, I wouldnt dare be so rude?

Have two new boys starting in October, petite toddler and his seven month old brother who only weighs 2lb less than him! Because the baby is so big he looks like he should be able to do more than he can, he can barely sit up, yet you think he might walk! Its just one day a week, wish it was earlier as have been used to the extra money doing holiday care and have a month with very little work right before dumplings birthday!

ok , more later, back pain is just too much to sit at the pc any longer x

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