Saturday, 9 August 2008

Its August, I live in Britain, so, you guessed it, its pouring down with rain. Torrential rain, my (fixed) roof is leaking again. I have to dress like one of the men on that tv show where they catch crabs in big boats, whats it called?Its the same programme every week, but my kids love it, the biggest catch? something like that, anyway I have to dress in full welly boots and plastic mac because its pouring down and as the garden is covered in chicken and dog poo and the garden slopes, I run the very real risk of landing flat on my back on the mud if I slip, that is if I don't break my neck on the decking first which becomes a veritable ice rink when wet. All this to feed chickens who KEEP EATING THEIR OWN EGGS! I feed them everything, layers feed, cabbage, bread, corn, I even gave them all the contents of the half empty boxes of cereal that the kids had got bored of and left to decompose in the larder, they cant still be hungry? (the chickens, not the kids) We do get some eggs, but they quite often look up at me with innocent expressions while their beaks and necks are covered IN YOLK! Busted!


Off out in a few minutes for a PTA pizza night...wooooo...yayyyyyy...not really! OK, it might be fun, but I'm only actually going because I know how much they will bitch about me if I'm not there!


I made the huge mistake of going into town on a rainy saturday afternoon in august, hell on earth, full of tourists walking round in shorts and rainjackets, stopping me to ask where the beach is, its about 4 miles from the town centre, didnt you do any research before booking a holiday here? One man stopped me and asked me which town centre car park would be best for him to visit Tower park, (its where the bowling alley, cinemas etc are)umm, none of them unless you want to walk the four miles to get there, if I even visit a town for a day, I at least have a look on the web and see where the places that I plan to visit are, I dont just assume they will all be lined up next to each other, sorry, living in a tourist town can be a little trying. Perhaps its the fact that I'm the only one dressed appropiatley for the weather that makes them know that I'm local and canbe asked all manner of questions!

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Maria said...

And you have this kind face. I think that is what makes them ask you stuff. You look approachable and kind hearted.....


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