Monday, 24 November 2008

If you were expecting newborn baby photos then sorry she still in labour! 4 days overdue, my sister has gone home despite living 25 minutes drive from the hospital (I cant imagine that far away from town, I walked to the hospital when I had Dumpling) They must think she really isn't in labour to let her go home that far away even though they wouldn't let her leave on Thursday as they said she was in labour!

So my niece has gone home with her parents, I miss her and yet am glad to have some sanity back in the house, she sure can tantrum, trouble is, its so precocious in a film star style, its like watching some old fashioned film, she stamps her feet, clenches her hands to her sides and screams, the best one was “I...AM...YOUR.........GUEST!” when she wouldn't accept the compromise I was offering!

We had a great time and had to go into town 3 days in a row, Friday for my opticians, Saturday for Lolly and Dumplings Opticians appointment which we were so late for they could only see Lolly and Dumplings appointment was made for the next day. So she got to ride the bus, eat McDonalds and get spoilt by me buying things for her and I miss buying cute pink things! My sister and husband are Witness’s so I don't get to buy her stuff at birthdays and Christmas so I make up for it when she comes to stay, she got a cute pair of pink and white shoes, a pink watch, a pink lunchbox that you can put your own photo or picture inside, 4 outfits, a pink get the idea. There are lots of sales going on over here and I’m a bargain hunter anyway so its didn't cost much.

She’ll be back as soon as my sister goes into labour, they don't know many people in the village they have moved to and my sisters family (and mine obviously) live near me and her husbands about 100 miles away so despite the fact that my sister and I are that close and don't see each other all the time, I’m a good choice to look after her as its a family environment and I’m just up the road from the hospital.
I’m obviously a sucker for having an open house policy round here as Lolly has a friend to stay for the week while her parents are away on business and they didn't want her to miss any school. She’s much easier, Lolly is playing hostess and they are such good friends, they just giggle all the time. I wonder if the novelty will wear off after a few days of being together 24/7?


QuJaBaKa said...

Oh boy, hope baby arrives soon, nothing harder than loooooong labours that can't make up their minds.
I suggest that she goes to the park and has a go on a swing, swing properly, it might be damn uncomfy but it works.
Good luck to your sister and to you with your neice, don't envy either of you right now but will send you lots of (((((hugs)))))

Maria said...

I wonder about the friends thing. Liv is always SO much better behaved when she has friends over. Of course...I am too...


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