Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Lolly is cooking a stew from scratch with sausages and roast potatoes and yorkshire pudding, I knew it was a good idea to let her change one of her option sto food tech!

Six more battery hens will be free this weekend (and hundreds more, I'm just talking about the ones coming to me) I'm not keeping these, I'm helping my mums neighbour set up chicken keeping, he's a carpenter so shouldnt be a problem, I sat down last night to write a few notes about keeping chickens and it turned into a thesis! You know they say you should write about what you are passionate about...?

Hosted a Fairtrade coffee morning at the school this morning with other PTA members, I thought we would have more of an uptake and we had even less come in after school to loook at the stuff. I think we should have held it in the playground despite the cold, parents dont want to trudge into the hall but they ar tempted if its in the playground, on cake sale days we are almost pinned against the wall by parents and children buying our wares!

I cooked myself a lovely lunch yesterday and as I was taking it out of the microwave, my sleeve caught on the top of a bottle and I managed to throw the whole plateful across the worktop, luckily the worktop was clean and I was hungry so I scraped what I could back onto the plate and ate it and then set about re-cleaning the worktop!

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Maria said...

Ugh. I hate it when I drop things from the microwave. (It's always too hot and I am too hungry...)

I love hot potpies, love to dip into them with my fork and see the steam come out that top layer...and then I ruin everything by dropping it when I am taking it out of the microwave.


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