Friday, 7 December 2007

Dumpling is home from school still but just sneezing and coughing, no more barfing I hope. Lolly has been to school all week too, she's a little under the weather but coping with it, I have the cough and an upset stomach, cant stray to far from the bathroom...!


The injured chicken is making it worse by scratching her healing neck and drawing blood, she also just paces her pen all day, I think she wants to be with the other chicken in the other pen but chickens are notorious for pecking at any sore bit on another. I'm considering having her put down but the local vets are interested in chickens, even just putting one to sleep.

We do however have an incubator and 11 fertalised eggs! Day 1 is tomorrow and in 21 days, New year, we should have some baby chicks! We are giving away some to the friend who lent us the incubator if enough hatch, they want between 3 and 6 and so do we so heres hoping for a good hatch rate!


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Maria said...

Whew...lots happening around here. I hope the chicken, you, dumpling and dolly all feel better soon!


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