Friday, 14 December 2007

Tired and grumpy and no patience to blog properly, I think of wonderful ideas and stories to blog about when I'm in the shower or about to fall asleep but when I'm actually sat at the pc, the dog is barking to go out, the chickens need feeding, the children need me to fix something or find something and I just cant think straight!


Still bah-humbugging about Christmas, told a customer services rep that just because its states in their terms and conditions that they can advertise a product on the web at one price and you can reserve it and then find its exactly twice the price when you get to the shop to collect, doesn't mean it right, fair, moral or good business practice, this was two seconds before I slammed the phone down. Have found the same thing on eBay and put a large first bid on it, I'd better win!


Poorly chicken is laying tiny eggs that probably don't have a yolk in, don't know yet haven't cracked it and the other laid another shell-less egg this morning, no idea why, they have a better diet than most kids I know! Have candled the eggs in the incubator, only one has an obvious embryo but that doesn't mean the others don't, they may just have thicker shells, I can see shadows in there, just not sure what to make of them. If I have the finances I will buy some point of lay chickens in the new year, I wish you could ship day olds like you can in the US, not allowed in the UK and very difficult to buy here.


I nearly knocked Lolly's head off last night in fright, I was cleaning the lounge with music playing and couldn't hear her, apparently she had been calling from upstairs and then from the kitchen and when I still didn't hear her, she stood right behind me and shouted "MUM!" I swung round with the vacuum pipe absolutely terrified, so was she as I screamed! I've told both kids many times not to creep up on me on jump out on me, it freaks me out beyond reason, I don't know why!


Dumpling's nativity was lovely, he doesn't like getting up on stage so was a 'Bethlehem child' something like an extra! Trouble was the head teacher kept referring to the 'Bethlehem children' as the 'village people', snigger's all round from the parents and I swear I heard humming to the tune of YMCA.....


Lolly is in a dance show on Sunday evening and tomorrow we have to travel a 12 mile round trip on an expensive bus route for a half hour rehearsal that isn't at where she trains nor is the hotel where the show will be! But apparently its imperative that she attend, grrrrr....


Bah said...

I read somewhere that the last cluck was taken. So sorry to hear it.

Hope you're feeling better these days.

Maria said...

I chortled at the "village people"...

Liv used to be shy on stage until she hit 7 and then suddenly she became a shameless ham. Maybe Dumpling will be that way too.

I read a very good book by Barbara Kingsolver called "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle." It has some very good advice in there about raising chickens. Personally, I know zilch...but good luck,J!


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