Friday, 14 March 2008

I'm a rubbish blogger, lots of ideas and no patience to write them out properly! But I'm also an lazy comment-er, I feel bad about how much I love reading my favourite blogs and how little I actually take the time to say anything, I should give more than I take! So I hereby promise to comment more, sometimes I actually dont when the post is so good that anything I say seems pathetic in comparison, so take it as a compliment when I'm to awestruck to say anything!


Chickens are great, ex batts are laying well, pekin bantam is refusing to eat her layers pellets and only want the corn, yeh well I want to eat doughnuts all day and no fruit and veg but their are rules and I've yet to see her lay an egg! The chicks born at christmas are getting bigger by the second, still months till they lay though, very frisky and scared of me still which is weird when you think I raised them but you find that, its not till they are fully grown that they will sit on your lap as they know the hand that feeds them! The baby chicks are too cute for words, the gingerery one is adorable, still not sure what breed it is but I'm loving the colouring


Maria said...

I grew up on a farm and we raised chickens. I remember always remembering to wear tennis shoes when it was my turn to feed them because if I wore sandals or flip flops, they would peck my toes!

And I have never had a chicken like me enough to sit on my lap. But, be honest, I never invited one to do that either...

Terroni said...

Those baby chicks are beyond cute!


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