Sunday, 16 March 2008

In four days time the children will be off school for 15 days and they will be given too much chocolate, I may just take up one of those emails that offer me cheap Valium...Just two rainy windy weekend days with no money to go anywhere have driven me crazy, dumpling is attention seeking to the max, trying to have a phone conversation with my mum ended when he blew a trumpet type thing in my ear, he found a tiny piece of glass on the floor and instead of following my instructions to keep still while I got a piece of kitchen paper, he rolled it between his fingers, he's defiant to his own disadvantage and it drives me crazy, Lolly wants to lay on the sofa and watch music tv whilst telling dumpling to be quiet, yes heaven forbid he play with his own toys in his own lounge when she has a tv, video player, dvd and broadband internet in her room!


Popped to the local shop to get some desert for when we visit my dads for dinner tonight and turned the corner to find a pedestrian had been hit by a car, nothing I could do, people were comforting him and others redirecting traffic and I could hear the ambulance coming, the hospital is very near. He was conscious, just a head laceration but shocking never the less.


As I said leaving for my dads soon for dinner, dumpling is behaving in that loud showing off six year old way and Lolly is do the teenage sulk/grunt routine, both my kids have to be ordered to behave in a suitable fashion when we visit grandparents, its not their default setting, no squabbling, no loud farting and then declaring it, no answering me back or asking pointless questions to start an arguement, the list goes on. Thye usually behave once they've had the run down from me, I just wish I didnt have to!

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Maria said...

Ah..parenthood. Liv doesn't act up often, but when she does, she makes up for time lost when she behaves.


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