Friday, 18 April 2008

I bought Lolly a very cheap internet phone and while I couldnt get it to work on msn, it does work very well as a microphone for recording straight onto the pc, no crackles or whistling like the other 3 or 4 cheap microphones we have got, Lollys even been using it to record herself revising, then she can play it back to herself on her mp4 player, modern technology eh? no scribbled notes on crumpled paper as in my day! Anyway thought I might do some of my posts as me reading them, then you can all go ‘awwww’ at my accent, of course I don't think I have one and I assume that all bloggers sound like me because I read your blogs in my head voice! I thought it would be simple just to record a wave file and post it, surely blogger would have an option for that? no, you have to find a ‘pod host’ online and use the url for that in your blog, ok, I’m working on it, you may or may not hear my dulcet tones online as I may get stage fright and abandon he whole idea altogether!


Lolly’s back at school, coughing and wheezing all the way, I’m just glad she had it now rather than the week of her exams.

Dumplings school newsletter said that only 5 parents had turned up for the PTA AGM and none of those wanted to be the Chairperson or Secretary, guess who thought it might be fun to organise the summer fair in a moment of ‘how hard could it be?’, left a message with the school and is now regretting it, what was I thinking, I barely talk to most of the mums at the school, let alone want to try and organise them into running a huge school fair!


I’ve taken up jogging! No, dont laugh, I walk everywhere as I dont own a car and I walk Nemo twice a day, but and heres the big but (yes mine, currently sat on it) I dont ever get any sort of aerobic exercise, my heart rate never goes above what ever its supposed to and although I’m active, I’m not fit. So, last night I dug out the running shoes I’ve had for ages and an old tracksuit and with dumpling on his scooter and nemo running beside we ran round and round the park. My kneecap started to hurt at first, an old skating injury from many years ago, but it eased a little, I didnt feel as sick as I thought I was going to be and feel pretty good and lively this morning! I was going to do it again this morning but it was raining, so I settled for a few laps of the park walking, hey, its better than coming home and sitting at the pc eating biscuits? Ahem, which of course , is not what I’m doing now...


Do you have a friend who you get on really well with, like the same things, your kids play together but sometimes you see a flash of their personality that you really don't like? Whilst out walking our dogs, her dog jumped up into the lap of a baby in a stroller, instead of being sorry and taking the dog under control she seemed more funny that the baby's mother had her dog on a lead, “no point having a dog if you cant let it run” she grumbled. Umm, your dog just scared and probably bruised a small child, don't you think at least an apology is in order? Then we passed another mother I’ve known vaguely for years, “do you know her?” she said and then ripped into her with reasons that are not really fair and in reality the same things could be said about me! Kind of unnerved me and I think I will have to be careful around her in future.

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